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Meet your next bestie or soulmate at Happy2MeetYou.

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Happy 2 Meet You is a dating agency that’s about more than finding the one.
At happy 2 meet you we want everyone to feel welcomed, happy and relaxed.
This is an environment in which you can find anything you’re looking for.
Whether it’s your soul mate or just someone to grab a cup of coffee with, we have it all.
So why not come along to one of our events?
We would be more than Happy 2 Meet You.

Meet your host

Hello I am Nicole, your host that will be welcoming you
at all of our events. I am more than willing to go the extra mile
to make sure everyone enjoys themselves and finds
the person they’re looking for.

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This will be an evening of fun speed dating in the stylish surroundings. Enjoy relaxed conversation for 3 - 4 minutes, chatting with singles who will be of similar age to you, all in one night.

We have an exclusive room booked at Deer Park Golf and Country Club where there is plenty of parking. There will also be two surprise stalls which will be revealed on our Facebook page closer to the event.

VIP events

Coming Soon!

Dating events throughout
West Lothian, held in the latest,
stylish venues.

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